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Reishi - Use in soups, teas or cooking. It’s been used to: stimulate Immune system, Inflammatory, and as a Cardiotonic

Chaga contains numerous B vitamins, flavonoids, phenols, minerals, and enzymes. It is also one of the world’s sources of pantothenic acid, and this vitamin is needed by the adrenal glands as well as digestive organs, contains riboflavin and niacin in significant amounts. Can reuse 2-4 times, as long as there is flavor.


In a crock pot, drop in Reishi, Chaga, combination, (or any hard root). Let Chaga simmer until the water turns a reddish brown color, or as with Reishi, 4-6 hours to extract more of the bioactive ingredients. Strain. Use this as a broth or tea –if needed, add some maple syrup or honey to taste. You can reuse the chaga or Reishi chunks several times before they start to lose their strength. Simply put them in a mason jar without a lid, and store in the fridge.