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Here are the herbs that we carry in our store - please call or email us if you don't see
what you are looking for! Unless otherwise specified, all bulk herbs are $2.50/ounce. Page 1 of 3

Common Name

Latin Name

Agrimony                                                    Agrimonia
Alfalfa                                                             Medicago
Almond Oolong Oolong
Angelica                                                      Angelica Arc.
Anise illicium verum
Anise                      Pimpinella
Annatto     powders Bixa
Astragalus  sticks Astragalus 
Astragalus  shredded Astragalus
Basil Ocimum
Bay leaf Laurus
Bayberry Lf. Myrica
Bilberry                                                         vaccinium
Black Cohosh Cimicifuga
Black Walnut  Juglans
Bladderwrack  powder Fucus
Bladderwrack granules Fucus
Blessed Thistle                 Cnicus
Blue Cohosh  Caulophyllum
Burdock                         Arctium
Calamus                        Arcorus 
Calendula                      Calendula Off.
Canadian Goldenrod Solidago
Caraway Carum
Cardamon Elletaria
Cascara bark Rhamnus
Catnip                                                            Nepnepeta
Cayenne   Capsicum
Chamomile                       Matricaria
Chaparral Larrea
Chia Chia
Chlorella N/A
Cinnamon Cinnamomum
Cinnamon Orange Cinnamomum
Cinnamon sticks Cinnamomum
Cleavers                                                        Galium
Clove Syzygium
Clover Trifolium
Clover Bud Trifolium
Cocoa  Organic N/A
Coltsfoot                                                       Tussilago
Comfrey Symphytum
Comfrey Root Symphytum
Comfrey  leaf                                                     Symphytum
Cordyceps Cordyceps
Cramp Bark                   Vivurnum
Curry blend Curry
Damiana                                                        Turnera
Dandelion Leaf               Taraxacum 
Dandelion Root               Taraxacum 
Dong quai Angelica sin
Dulse Rhodymenia
Earl Gray N/A
Echinacea   Root                              Echinacea
Elder Flowers Sambucus
Elderberries                                             Sambucus


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