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Denise HaysWe have teamed up with Denise Hays, one of Battle Ground's best nutritionalists to teach our “Food as Medicine” series. We need to be accountable for our health, especially nowadays with our health care system so iffy. We want to arm you with the knowledge of how and why to make food your medicine. Once you learn how, it will become second nature to stay in good health.


Here are the workshops we have planned for the coming months:

Benefits of Herbal Tea -

Vitamin D - it's not just for Bones

Using diet and herbs for weight loss

Acid Reflux Remedies

Eat leafy green vegetables

10 signs of Magnesium Deficiency

Make your own medicine balls?

Super herbs - adaptogens

As always, we welcome your suggestions for classes and events. Please call, email,
or use our contact page.

The following is a partial list of classes and events that we have held in the past
few years.

Fermented Vegetables Class Reflexology
Herbs 101 Live Probiotic class: Kombucha and kefir
Urban garden & composting class Stop Smoking
Weight loss with Reflexology Raw Food preparation
Easy Meditation/Relaxation Home and Herb Garden Class
Annual Spring Cleanse Mindfulness and Meditation
Introduction to Yoga Clinical Herbalism


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