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Welcome to our gifts and treasures page!

We take pride in our ability to find unique items from all over the world, and offer them to you at bargain prices.

At the right, you will see the antique hutch near the entrance to our store. This is always filled with jewelry, gemstones, and other fine goods.



Our ancestors believed in the healing power of crystals. Whether or not you share this belief, their ornamental value makes them well worth a trip to our shop to check out the ones we have to offer. Our stock on hand will vary constantly.
Candles and holders, wall sconces, defusers, organic soaps and perfumes, tea balls and infusers, jars and vials that are both practical and ornamental. All of these and more can be found in our shop! sconce

garden art faeries

We love garden art, and are always looking for fine examples at reasonable prices for our customers.

We refer to these wonderful items as Treasures because many if not most are items made from very talented passionate people.

Every hand crafted item has a bit of themselves, their energy in every one of a kind piece. You can see why these are truly Treasures to behold and share with the special people in your lives.



We are always looking for one-of-a-kind gift items. We especially love pieces from local artisans, though we also gather items of interest from all over the world.


We have lots of fun and eclectic artwork, usually at a fraction of the prices you would pay elsewhere.


carved ball

Come back here often as we are growing, evolving, and uniting into an energy of one.


If you are looking for any specific item, please don't hesitate to call or email us.

Na Wa Te (the energy of life coming together - Cherokee)