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Glossary of therapeutic action of herbs

Abortifacient ~ produces abortion
Adaptogen ~ decreases the harmful effects of stress/modulates immunity
Alterative ~ promotes healthy changes in the organism/blood cleanser
Analgesic ~ relieves pain
Anaphrodisiac ~ subdues sexual desire
Anesthetic ~ produces insensibility to pain
Anodyne ~ relieves pain
Antacid ~ counteracts acidity
Antagonist ~ opposes action of other medicines
Antidote ~ counteracts effects of poison
Antiemetic ~ prevents vomiting
Antigalactic ~ diminishes secretion of milk
Anthelmintic ~ destroys parasites
Antihypnotic ~ prevents sleep
Anti-inflammatory ~ reduces inflammation
Antilithic ~ helps prevent stone or gravel
Antimicrobial ~ destroys microbes
Antimycotic ~ destroys fungal infections
Antiseptic ~ prevents or arrests putrefaction
Antispasmodic ~ reduces spasms/relaxes
Antitussive ~ relieves or prevents coughs
Aperient ~ gently laxative
Aphrodisiac ~ stimulates sexual desire
Astringent ~ contracts tissue/restrains discharges

Bactericide ~ destroys bacteria
Bitter ~ increases tone and activity of gastric mucosa/liver function

Calmative ~ gently calms nerves
Cardiac ~ heart stimulant or tonic
Carminative ~ prevents or relieves flatulence/balances digestion
Cathartic ~ hastens or increases evacuation of the bowels
Cholagogue ~ stimulates flow of bile
Choleretic ~ reduces cholesterol by excreting cholesterol

Demulcent ~ soothing to mucous membranes (especially stomach)
Deodorant ~ removes/corrects foul odors
Depurative ~ removes impurities from the body/cleansing action
Diaphoretic ~ increases perspiration
Digestant ~ aids digestion
Disinfectant ~ destroys the cause of infection
Diuretic ~ increases secretion of urine
Drastic ~ acts quickly and violently(said of cathartics)

mortar and pestleEmetic ~ causes vomiting
Emmenagogue ~ promotes menstruation
Emollient ~ softening/soothing
Expectorant ~ promotes mucus discharge

Febrifuge ~ reduces fever

Galactagogue ~ promotes flow of milk in nursing mothers

Haemostatic ~ arrests flow of blood
Hepatic ~ stimulates function of liver
Hyperdilator ~ raises blood pressure
Hypotensive ~ brings down blood pressure
Hypnotic ~ induces sleep

Irritant ~ excites inflammation

Laxative ~ produces gentle action of the bowels

Narcotic ~ induces sleep or unconsciousness
Nervine ~ calms nerves
Nutritive ~ nourishes and sustains life

Palliative ~ relieves morbid conditions without curing
Parasiticide ~ destroys parasites
Parturient ~ hastens labor
Prostatic ~ does the prostate gland good
Pectoral ~ relieves diseases of the lungs
Prophylactic ~ prevents disease
Pyrogenic ~ produces fever

Refrigerant ~ cooling/reduces heat
Relaxant ~ relieves tension/relaxes
Restorative ~ brings back normal function and vitality
Rubefacient ~ increases superficial circulation/producing irritation or redness

Sedative ~ diminishes vital functions/calms
Sialagogue ~ stimulates secretion of saliva
Stimulant ~ excites or increases vital action/circulation etc
Stomachic ~ induces healthy action of stomach
Styptic ~ stops bleeding
Sudorific ~ produces perspiration

Tonic ~ produces permanent increase in functional tone of the system
Toxic ~ poisonous

Vermifuge ~ destroys or expels worms
Vulnerary ~ stimulates healing of wounds
Vasodilator ~ opens blood vessels




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