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This page contains links to our partners, friends, and others who share our commitment to natural health and healing.

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This great institution trains naturopathic physicians.

Denise HaysDenise Hays, one of Battle Ground's best nutritionists, is on board for advice and information on Thursdays.  Denise is also a personal trainer affiliated with Snap Fitness.

KarenKaren Yanhs-Anderson, CEO of Photon Herbal Pets and inventor of Tumorid topical salve is available for discussions most Wednesday afternoons. Tumorid can help your pets to eliminate abnormal skin growth (tumors, warts, skin tags) using alternative methods instead of surgery.  We expect to be a dealer for Photon products in the near future.

United Plant Savers

Awesome organization dedicated to preserving medicinal plants.

Hudson Integrative Health Our new neighbor, Naturopath and Chiropractor.
Susun Weed

Mentor to herbalists worldwide

Cherokee Nation Website of Diana's tribecherokee logo
Celtic Heritage website History and folklore of the Celtic people, our other tribe.
Portland Plant Medicine Gathering Don't miss this annual event!

Battle Ground Harvest Days


We plan on being part of this fun event!
Dr. David Young, ND
318 E Main St #101, Battle Ground, WA
North County Coupons

Great deals from local merchants and service providers in Battle Ground

PNW Littles Justine Jackson's shop on Etsy