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Here are some of the other natural products that we carry. As with our other categories, please feel free to call or email us for information, or to suggest items for us.

Food items - this includes healthy snacks, salts, and Dandy Blend coffee substitute. We plan to carry freeze dried food in the near future.

Books - we stock many different titles, relating to herbs (naturally), various natural health topics, pregnancy and childbirth, gardening, cooking, spiritual, and lots more!

Enviro Shower filters - these are great for removing rust, chlorine, metals, and other impurities before they get on your skin.

Personal hygiene products - check out our beautiful ergonomic toothbrushes!
First aid kits - these are serious, military grade kits for emergency use. Seeds - we are proud to offer organic, non-GMO seeds for your garden.

Supplies - mortar and pestle sets, digital scales, and other tools for the home apothecary (your kitchen).

Bragg products - Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and much more.

Tattler canning jar lids and seals - these are great products, which we use ourselves.

Grandpa's organic soaps, plus several brands of natural cleaning and pest control products.

Aqua Rain drinking water filtration systems. Clean water is the first necessity of life! Spring is here, so we are once again offering mason bees. These friendly little critters will pollenate your plants, but don't sting.
Sprouters - the easy, convenient way to improve your nutrition. Bob's Red Mill products - yummy, and good for you as well.
Himalayan Salt Lamps - beautiful, natural air purifiers.