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The apothecary is conveniently located at the intersection of Northeast 1st Ave. and 4th St., just off Parkway, in Battle Ground Washington. From Main St., turn north on Parkway at the Margarita Factory, then take the second right, past Tiger Bowl. We're on the corner of NE 1st Ave. and NE 4th St. Click here for a map and directions.

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Important Announcements

To purchase our products online, please visit our new website. Thanks!

There has been confusion as to the ownership and history of B.G. Apothecary, since there is a business with a similar name in town known as “Battle Ground Healing Arts Apothecary.” Let’s shine some light and set the record straight.

We are not affiliated in any way with Battle Ground Healing Arts, and have not been since 2015. We openly printed this in the local newspaper right after we left in 2015, and several times since then on our websites, online listings, and advertising.

Diana Davidson, the owner of Battle Ground Apothecary, was employed at Battle Ground Healing Arts from 2005 until 2011, running the "Natural Goods" store, which she purchased in 2011. This included, but was not limited to all retail inventory. It has been said that Diana only purchased the inventory, not the business. We are in possession of evidence which disproves this claim.

Upon purchasing the “Natural Goods” business, Diana changed its name to Battleground Apothecary & Natural Goods LLC." Diana rented the space previously occupied by the Natural Goods store, and operated her Apothecary as an independent business within the Healing Arts building until 2015. As the business grew, we became known to the public as Healing Arts Apothecary.  Our marketing and advertisements reflected both BG Apothecary and at times the Healing Arts Apothecary name. This was done with the knowledge and approval of the owner of BGHA.

There have been accusations of trademark infringement and improper use of this site’s domain name. We will take this opportunity to dispel these misconceptions.

Diana established and paid all costs for the website in 2012. This site was established with the good faith intention of providing an online presence to the independent business owners who rented space at BGHA.It was also the main website for the BG Apothecary and Natural Goods retail store. Information was posted to this site at no cost for the other tenants at BGHA, as well as the building owner, from 2012 until September 2015.

Friction with the owner of BGHA in 2015 resulted in our BG Apothecary and Natural Goods LLC business relocating to a separate and completely independent retail space of our own, located 314 NE 1st Ave., where we currently conduct business operations.

We are certain that BG Apothecary and Natural Goods LLC was the first business in the city of Battle Ground WA to be called “Apothecary." Searches of the Washington state records archive, business licensing records, and building permit records confirm this.

In the fall of 2015, immediately after we moved to our separate and independent retail location, BGHA opened a new store called "Healing Arts Apothecary" in our old space.  They continue to use the terms “B.G. Apothecary” “Battle Ground Apothecary” and “Healing Arts Apothecary” in marketing and advertisement. That creates confusion between the two businesses.

The owner of BGHA has made several police reports against us. She also complained to the state Attorney General, and twice to the state Department of Health, alleging improper business practices and trademark infringement. All of these were dismissed.

The domain name was the subject of two arbitrations under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution process, in which our former landlady petitioned to have the domain transferred to her. Both of these were decided in our favor. Links to the decisions are here:

It was established in these arbitrations that the owner of BGHA had not originated the name “Healing Arts” and that the trademark she sought to enforce had not been registered until 2019, seven years after the domain was registered and the website published. Her complaints and supporting documentation failed to prove her claims that we had no rights to the mark, or that we had registered and used the domain name in bad faith.

The original BG Apothecary is independently owned and operated by Diana Davidson, with a lot of help from her family, associates, and friends.  We strive to be the premier herbal and natural remedy dispensary to reputable holistic practitioners, as well as to the public.  We are dedicated to customer service and have earned the trust and respect of our long term, loyal customers who we are honored to serve.

Be well!

front door of apothecaryThe Battle Ground Apothecary & Natural Goods Store is your preferred earth-friendly source for supplements, herbal teas, bulk herbs, aromatherapy, homeopathic remedies, our own Wise Gals line of skin care products, gifts, assorted treasures, and much more!

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